Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 4, 5 and 6

Day 4

My girlie nights in usually consist of gross horror movies or action flicks but I wanted to try and do it right, and actually watch girlie movies. Yes. Really. I actually own some...

Yeah I do, so what? I do possess copies of some totally girly movies.

First up is 'Grease' 

My friend called it a "Guilty Pleasure, even though you don't believe in them." and I don't. I like what I like knowing whether it's good or not and liking it regardless, no shame. 

I like it fine and dandy, for many years I did not... but I do have a problem with the end. They change who they are for one another, Sandy turns up looking like a slut, and Danny ends up, what? Joining track so he can wear a Letterman jacket... hmmmm? No, don't like that at all... especially how he throws off his jacket but she stays a slut. And the flying car... THE FLYING CAR!? I can take randomly bursting into song, cause in their universe its a musical, fine, dandy, splendid.. but a flying car... just wtf?

Rating - 3

And so we continue our night after "ggrrrr"ing at the flying car and onto 'Dirty Dancing'. 

Yes we played the drinking game...

Drink Every Time . . .
- Baby makes an intelligent and/or feminist comment
- Johnny looks smoldering
- Lisa comments on accessories or make up
- You see a dancer exposing a thigh
- A cardigan is in view
- Line dancing is taking place
- The word Kellerman’s is mentioned or seen on clothing
- Anyone is seen playing cards
- Baby is seen dancing by herself, or badly
- Fruit is seen or mentioned
- Anyone is seen soaking wet
- Anyone is seen wearing pedal pushers
- A disappointed Dad is on screen

Finish your glass and cheer…
- When Johnny lifts Baby up at the end.

Likely Hangover:  You’ll feel like you carried a watermelon.

Yeah its another that I liked when I saw it as a child, then wrote it off as pahoop for many years until my mother bought me this, along with another coming up, for my Birthday and I really enjoyed it. 

I like the Johnny side of it all, like through her he rediscovers love and innocence... I was drunk while watching it, and trying to eat Chinese food. 

Rating - 5

Next up, because nobody else has seen it, and we were stoned was 'Chicago' 

I like the movie, saw it in the theatres and have had it on DVD for years, watched it plenty... don't remember much about watching it this particular night... stoned and eating Chinese food...

Rating - 4

Then at my sisters insistence, because she likes Whoopi's performance, was 'Ghost' this was the other movie I was bought on my birthday.

Damn this is my favourite line reading in the entire movie, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't like this movie, she's so sassy.

We decided to play the Ghost Drinking Game also....

Drink Every Time . . .

1. Anyone is physically injured or killed

2. Money is referenced

3. Anyone is warned about Carl and/or Willie

4. Anyone is visibly frightened

5. Anyone says "Oda Mae"

6. A ghost passes through something solid

7. Anyone cries

Anytime a ghost moves a real object.

Rating - 3

And for the sake of it, even though I had work in the morning we put on 'Moulin Rouge!'

Another I saw at the cinema and have had on VHS and DVD. I loved the style, the production design on the movie. Not loving the generic plot, I mean one of the first songs explains the entire film what you are about to watch... and I like that but its style over substance.

Rating - 4

Day 5 and 6

I started watching 'An Idiot Abroad' which I borrowed off @jonny_batey 
So with the those... my new total is the same... I guess some musical chick flick girly type movies ain't in the Top 250. 

IMDb Top 250 Watched - 1

Hasta Luego
-Fake Shemp-

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