Monday, 21 January 2013

Day One - #RodriguezWeek

I thought I did a terrible job on the Tarantino week, barely made it, so I dug my heels in and went for it hammer and tong (what does "hammer and tong" even mean)...

I did not watch this one until I bought the DVD. I like the packaging, its the only one from the Reel Collection I have, bought in HMV many years ago.

Rating - 2

I watched this as a child and loved it, and it's still awesome. *heart* Antonio Banderas forever.

Rating - 4

Always enjoyed this one, the addition of Johnny Depp is, since I am female, most welcome. 

Rating - 4

Yeah it looks cool, lots of style but its personally never really done anything for me.

Rating - 3

Yeah I watched all them in one long night of being ill and not being able to sleep. (Even when putting this post together I've watched Machete and am now watching From Dusk til Dawn, I don't own the sequels though I've seen them when first released, didn't ever feel the need to pick them up. Random "fact" From Dusk til Dawn is my grandads favourite movie.)

Hasta Luego
-Fake Shemp-


  1. Just FYI? "Hammer and Tongs" is a reference to blacksmithing... as is "nose to the grindstone", although that one could be more generally applied to any form of pastoral, menial labor.

    Grain could be involved.

    This is Bob, your friendly, neighborhood insufferable know-it-all, signing off.