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'The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom' (2013) Interview - Mark Dossett

'The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom' (2013) Interview - Mark Dossett

First off could you tell readers about your latest project 'The Torment Of Laurie Ann Cullom'?

Set in 1988 long before cell phones and the internet were common household items. Laurie Ann Cullom who suffers from agoraphobia after being brutally attacked in a mall parking lot is now housebound. Her fear of the outside world was nothing compared to what she soon found inside her own home.

I have read and watched you talk about the horror genre in the past but where do you think the genre is headed?

I will go on record and make this prediction right now...Once WORLD WAR Z comes out with Brad Pitt...the zombie trend will fall off fast. As for the found footage stuff...I hope that goes away too. To me it's lazy film making at best.Just because you can go to Walmart and buy a $200 GoPro doesn't make you John Carpenter. I think people need to get back to the basics and tell a really good story with characters that people care about! I will say that season 1 of THE WALKING DEAD was amazing!!! Season 2...was like watching a zombie movie on the LIFETIME channel. Haven't seen season 3...but please tell me they use Laurie as "walker bait"!

Who are your favourite "Final Girls" in horror cinema?

I honestly don't have one.....I will be lame and say Jamie Lee Curtis in the original Halloween. Actually...I really liked Liv Tyler in THE STRANGERS.

You've said 2013 is the year for the Indie Horror film, what are the benefits of making independent movies?

For someone like me who clearly sees every frame of his film in his head....the benefits are huge! I answer to no one. No "money man" telling me I have to  change this scene or cast this person or I'm shutting you down.  Director Robert Rodriguez left Hollywood for that exact reason. He went back to Austin and is completely happy doing his thing. He is my blueprint business wise of what I hope to achieve. I am also making this movie for myself and not some demographic sheet some studio heads want to go by. I truly believe when you create for yourself that's when you find your true audience.

How has social media helped you?

I wouldn't be doing this interview right now without it. It has allowed me "the guy out of nowhere" to connect with his future audience literally overnight! Once I posted the trailer I had people tweeting me right away. I have met some amazing people and connected with them on not just a social level but a personal one. I have a handful of people on twitter who I actually talk to on the phone now.

I am on twitter all the time. @c_2_it and @rockbottompics

If it wasn't for that trailer and twitter, I would have never met those people. That trailer is not the real trailer.... that's my girlfriend and not an actress. It is to show people my vision of what this will look like. Think of it as a sketch concept. Shot with no money in the course of 8 hours. But that sketch has gotten alot of attention and will allow me to make the film I want to make!

Would you share with us what your earliest memories involving the Horror genre?

That's easy....1978 my dad took me to see Halloween...I was 9! That movie scared me for months straight! I would see Michael Myers everywhere. "Mark take out the trash"..." "But mom Michael is out there!"

Then when THE SHINING came on TV....the Kubrick film not the made for tv one. Seeing the twins in the hallway was the creepiest thing ever. The creepy thing about that movie I don't think people realize is the fact that it takes place mostly during the day or with the lights on. The scary stuff happens in perfectly lit places. When you can make things in wide open spaces and fully lit look creepy and give you goose bumps your doing something right! Great example besides the twins, is Jack walking up the stairs as Shelly is swinging the bat to keep him away. Big open space and lots of light.Still think any minute he is gonna kill her. It's almost like a slow motion chase scene.

What are your top 3 all time horror movies?


Excellent choices! What horror movies in, say the last 10 years, have impressed, scared and entertained you the most? 

In no particular order

HIGH TENSION (2003 french film)
SAW (2004 it was original at the time)
THE RING (2002)
THEM (2006 french film)
28 DAYS LATER (2002 first time I saw zombies haul ass!)

A fantastic list, all horror fans should check off seeing those movies.

Who or what inspired you to make movies?

We always had videocameras in our house back in the 80' dad was a football coach and he would bring them home after practice or games. So I would grab them and make stupid little movies. I used to edit the hard way...with the pause and  record/play button.

As an adult ...I would say seeing CLERKS by Kevin Smith and watching Quentin Tarantino make the coolest movies I have ever seen! Kevin made me feel I could do it and Quentin showed me what it could look like!

BTW....DJANGO UNCHAINED is simply awesome in every regard of what a film should be!

I've read that you have in mind 3 features. Could you give us any information on future projects?

You have done your homework and thank you for asking! After this film I have S.O.L IN TEXAS to do.
A suspense/ thriller. It's about Shelton Oliver Lange (all my titles will have my characters name in them.) who is just released from prison and is headed across Texas to collect some inheritance money. Within 24 hours things quickly turn from bad to worse. Think NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN if it was made by Quentin Tarantino.

The last one is THE LEGEND OF RED CLAW....a big budget western.

Thats why THE TORMENT OF LAURIE ANN CULLOM is so important...none of the other films will get made if this one doesn't.

I'm starting my career at 43. Scary but exciting at the same time.

What can horror fans do to help the project?

First and foremost contribute to the film.You get to own it even at $'s yours when it's completed. You can get your name in the end credits as well as appear in the film. I have all kinds of PERKS available. Just click here:

Second...spread the word. If you don't have money but truly want to see this film...let everyone know. If you have a youtube channel talk about it. Post it on twitter and share it. But like everything else in life...if we just talk about it and don't do anything to support it then nothing will happen.

I do want to state that I would never want anyone to make any sacrifice in order to support my film. I couldn't sleep at night if I knew someone used their rent money for my film. Give what you can... even if it's just a video or a retweet to show support.

I'm on twitter a lot, thats what I am using to connect with horror fans and people in general. Stop by and say hi and let me know what you think of the trailer. I love talking with horror fans..I'm one..

Let me personally thank Mark for his time, and insight into the freedom and passion thriving in Independent movie making today.

Hasta Luego
-Fake Shemp-

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