Thursday, 17 January 2013

Update on Tarantino Week

Quick post here folks...It's technically Thursday, something like -5 outside, and I've only watched 3 Tarantino movies so far.

I skipped right over True Romance (I'll get to it at the end of the week if I have time) and went from Reservoir Dogs into Pulp Fiction.

See I had Monday off, thought I had plenty of time so I caught up on other recent movies that I had been wanting to see like Les Miserables, Seven Psychopaths, Zero Dark Thirty and as you already know, Django Unchained.

Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are 2 of my favourite QT movies, I don't think I can put them in order but Inglorious Basterds and Jackie Brown are at the bottom.

(I think I noticed when I double dipped on Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, and kinda wishing I'd picked up the gascan version of Reservoir Dogs too, to be fair I'd love to have all the Region 1 10th Anniversary covers... instead I own both on DVD and the shot glass version of Reservoir Dogs, and this steelbook of Pulp Fiction)

At first viewing I did not like Death Proof, cause I thought Planet Terror was AMAZEBALLS... almost literally with the ball thing. The more I viewed it the more I fell in love with the movie, and now the whole of Grindhouse is up there for me.

Hmmmm, *pondering trying to put his movies into an actual personal best to worst, well not worst just least best, list.... maybe I can do it by Sunday...*

Hasta Luego

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