Monday, 12 August 2013

A Movie From Every Year Of My Life - 1992

A Movie From Every Year Of My Life



It was so hard to pass up "Brain Dead" it really was but for nostalgia for me it has to be Aladdin. I remember I had the Aladdin McDonald toys, the dolls with their different outfits, the sticker and coloring books and pyjamas, the Sega game, the handheld game, I got two Aladdin VHS's on Christmas. I fookin' loved this movie and then the tv show, the sequels... not so much.

I remember where I was sitting (End of the row, left half of the seats, 2 thirds down), in which screen (2) which cinema (Odeon, and it's no longer open) when I first saw this with my Grandad. I guess him and my father took me to most of my films as a child, thank you both (even though either will never read this) for helping my love of movies from an early age. A Movie a Week made me a Movie Geek.

What would your pick of 1992 be?

Hasta Luego

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