Monday, 28 January 2013

Don't Confuse My Laziness for Laziness

I feel I have been lax on my quest for the holysmokes Batman! the IMDb Top 250. We, yes you and me, are almost at the end of January and I've gotten hardly no where.

I have other marathons akin to the QT/RR-athon that covers some of the IMDB Top 250, so don't mistake my laziness and slowness of watching the IMDb Top 250 as actual laziness and slowness.

Upcoming a-thon-s

-Martin Scorsese Movies
-Star Trek Movies
-Star Wars
-Clint Eastwood Movies
-Stanley Kubrick
-Comic book movies (split into smaller categories . re- movies leading into avengers, Nolan Batman trilogy, batman movies of the mostly 90s, Spidermans...)
-Studio Ghibli
-Scott brothers
-Tim Burton
-Rocky movies (I reckon I have to marathon them at least once a year... I have a stupid crush on Rocky Balboa... *shhh* it's a guilty secret...)

Who wouldn't love that face?

(these a-thon-s pretty much explain to you, gentle or not so gentle reader, how my movie collection is ordered, no alphabetical for me!)

I find I enjoy a-thon-s more than randomly picking out a movie from the IMDb Top 250, though I will undoubtedly have to do that too....this week.

My Current Total - 17 (and stupidly hoping to double that in a week... lets crack on!)

Hastla Luego

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