Sunday, 30 September 2012

How I Rate A Mutha Licker

... and by "Mutha Licker" I mean Movies.

I have a 6-1 scale, out of 5 is too mainstream.

Woot (6)

Sweet! Awesome! Coolbeans! If you don't like it then I will presume you like Twilight and your opinion means nothing... ok I'm not that harsh. Mostly.

Your Talking Is Spoiling The Taste Of My Popcorn (5)

A good movie, so please STFU and let me watch... actually no, go away and let me watch this alone... its that good... so good that I don't want to watch it with you, but I will recommend you watch it... without me, and without your talking.

Meh (4)

'Tis ok, give it a go, don't blame me if you do not like it though but its a halfwayish decent movie. Nothing to go NedStarkRaving Mad about though.

So Bad That Its Funny (3)

Bad but I enjoy them. The cheesier the better... sometimes... and sometimes you just gotta laugh at the crappyness of a flick.

Popcorn Dumper (2)

I would rather tip my popcorn on the floor, leave the cinema and get a refill, if only to miss 5 minutes of the movie...

It's A Disaster, A DISTASTER!! Spelt With Two O's Like "Doom!" (1)

How?Why?asdfgh was this made?!

Hasta Luego
-Fake Shemp-

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  1. As for "Twilight"....Vampires do Not "Sparkle" .... Give Me Nosferatu or "Barlow , from Salem's Lot any day....