Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Ultimate Question...

Doctor Who?

Photo taken by me.

The time comes once more... there's to be a new Doctor. I'd be more than happy to wait until the Christmas Day episode to find out but that's not going to happen. And now I know we are all going to find out together on Sunday... I cannot wait!

I'm going to be glued to my tv on Sunday evening with the rest of the Whovian world to find out who is who next.

Wasn't it John Hurt at the end of the last episode? Or does he slot into the timeline before Christopher Eccleston. (Damn I loved me some "fantastic" Eccleston) Whatever, its sure to be a great 50th Anniversary episode and Christmas Changeover. And Moffat has promised to wrap his storylines up... But since we were given an episode called "The Name of The Doctor" and we got nowhere with that, I'm not holding my breath...

I still think his name is "Sweetie"

Here's what I'd like though... somebody I don't know. Yeah cast somebody I barely if not at all know. And if not that... someone from Harry Potter. Like
Tom Felton

Matthew Lewis

or Harry Melling (Purely because he is the grandson of 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton) or make the Doctor ginger but it does not have to be our very own Ronald Weasley, because The Doctor wants to be ginger, he's never been ginger. Hey give us ginger and a girl.

This is purely selfish on my part, I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but I don't dislike it either. No but my sister is a big Harry Potter fan and casting someone from it would make her watch Doctor Who. Properly. Sure she's dabbled and owns a lovely Doctor Who bag but ever since David Tennant left nobody else in my family really watches it much. Shame on them, cause I bloody love Matt Smith.

I like to go into a new Doctor with little impressions, I want this new person to become the Doctor but if I can't have that give me someone who is a fantastic actor... and maybe someone my sister would watch. Who do you want to be The Doctor?

Hasta Luego