Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Own List of Shame

I was reading a great article over at "Movies At Dog Farm" (go read, I'll be here waiting....) where Brandon posts his "List of Shame". To be fair to him his list is obscure and there's no shame in not having seen the movies he cites... unless your us. Yep a horror geek that feel the need to see the classics, the cheesy, the rare and mysterious.

This made me go look at what I'd watched this month so far... and yes we are 3 days in, but that's 3 days of Movie Geekness... and what had I watched... oh nothing but movies I'd never seen before.

Shadow People

Recent movie, sure and not even sure how I stumbled upon it on youtube. I've watched strange creepypasta-esque vids on youtube before but it was middle of the AM's on the 1st and I can't honestly remember how I found this. I saw Dallas Roberts was in it and he's cute so I gave it a go on that alone. I kinda liked it for the most part but its nothing I'd be all "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!" about. If you're interested in fake documentaries, cause they try to in the style of The Fourth Kind splice scenes in with the "actual" people its "based on" then give it a go, it's worth the one watch.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)

I guess I first remember hearing this referenced by Sidney and Dewey in Scream, and ever since wanted to see it. I thought I had years earlier saw it but that turned out to be 'Near Dark'... yeah I dunno how I could have ever confused the two either.

After having watched it... I wasn't exactly blown away by anything but its effects. I can see how this one had passed me by, but still so glad I can say I've seen it.

The Thing From Another World (1951)

Now this one I was ashamed to not remembering much of, sure I'd caught bits on the TV as a child but being on in the wee hours I remember falling asleep so I could never say I'd seen it.

I can't believe with my love of John Carpenters remake (yes I have the Fright Rags T-Shirt) that it took me until I'm 25 to see this.

Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)

I had known of this movie purely by the poster for years and I love cheesy old sci-fi so I was glad to check this off the "Never Seen" list.

The Prowler (1981)

I scarcely knew of this movie, I'd seen a T-Shirt of it on Fright Rags, and knew little beyond that. I'm always interested in seeing old slashers that never got the sequels or infamy that the likes of Jason, Freddy or Michael got. So for being an old slasher I was glad for that alone to tick it off.

V/H/S/2 (2013)

I liked the first one and I really liked this one too. Sure some parts look so bad, like amateurs with camcorders bad but as a whole I like the anthology concept which hasn't seen the light of popularity in forever and if you are not enjoying one segment, don't worry another will be up in a few.

First up is "Phase I Clinical Trials" which is creepy but not creepy enough once they show you way too much but good use of an eye-camera I guess?

I think I liked the "A Ride in the Park" segment the best, because of my love of zombies. I liked the way that was filmed with the dudes helmet cam, and so we get to see part of the segment from the zombies perspective.

"Slumber Party Alien Abduction" was cool if a tad obvious in their alien design, maybe coulda came up with something original but still that poor dog.

"Safe Haven" was a whole load of awesome, and what-the-fuck!?! I'd recommend watching that segment alone if you're determined to skip the rest of the movie, not my favourite but perhaps the best.

Y'know even if you were a hater of the first one, just skip to the segments to give them a go in this one, the wrap around story is bad so FFW'd that if ya like but watch the end of it, that's kinda ok.

So I'm gonna try a week of it, movies I've never seen. So far I've got lined up... thanks to Brandon "Something Wicked This Way Comes", which I've wanted to see since I saw Reece Sheersmith mention it on some TV show... maybe one of those countdown 100 Best shows, I'm not sure since Mark Gatiss has done a few horror specials for BBC4 maybe it crept up amongst one of those. I remember Reece saying that he took inspiration for the circus coming to town in "The League of Gentlemen" with Papa Lazarou.

"Eyes Without a Face", always knew the poster and that it was "good" but never got my arse round to seeing it, oh but that will change... I hope.

I'm also gonna get my ass to see John Carpenters "In the Mouth of Madness". It crept up on some horror list, perhaps on BloodyDisgusting of "how many of these horror movies have you seen equals how much of a horror fan you are" and this was one of the few I hadn't seen. Again I've known of it since I was young but it never became a rental. Let's add "Lifeforce" to the list of movies from horror directors I've never seen too.

I also also want to see "Ice Cream Man", another poster I remember but my mother wouldn't let me rent it, and we rented lots of horrors... heck mostly horrors in my youth but she thought it looked bad, and yeah it does but I like bad. So I'm gonna get my ass to see that in the next few days too. And yes I use that tagline any time I have Ice Cream "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" with friends, even though I've never seen the movie... shame on me. But more seriously, look at that poster, doesn't that scream awesome bad movie...? Well I hope so.

Oh and 'The Conjuring' came out this weekend here so I've got to go see that, really rather excited about that one.

What is on your own personal list of shame? Be it big block busters or genre obscurities that you know you should watch but somehow have managed to put off all your life... and any recommendations for me that I have to see, bring them forth and I will watch.

Hasta Luego