Monday, 5 August 2013

And the answer is...

Peter Capaldi.

My reaction went a lot like this...

"YES! YES! YES!" *unable to breathe* "Oh you beautiful beautiful man of Scottishness!" and then my mother was all "It's more important than a new Prime Minister or that Royal baby isn't it..." To me yes. But even I was "It's only a tv show... but I still couldn't be happier."

To be fair as soon as Zoe Ball was just getting ready to announce who was The Doctor, I realized I wasn't breathing... Welcome to the life of a Geek!

Then we just saw his hand and my mind was all "He's old and white... maybe it really is John Hurt cause where does he fit in all this and if not what if it really is Peter Capaldi but the internet said it might be so it won't be... Oh please don't be that old dude from Cutting It cause I don't know him let it be Malcolm fucking Tucker-" and then she said it and I jumped up and down a fair bit. Ahhhh!

I think I've spent most of the time since on Tumblr... doing shit like this...

And thinking about what a badass he's going to be... he can give the most intense stares... (check out the vid below when he is called a "bully" no really check out his magnificent sassy ass stare.) Fook I love him before the announcement and now I'm hyping him up to be in my heart as much as Christopher Ecclestons Doctor is... I love them all but he has a special place.

For those who don't know, my favourite thing Peter has done is play Malcolm Tucker in political comedy "The Thick of It"... he's bloody fantastic. And here's a video for those who haven't seen the show, or want to refresh in their minds just what we are getting for out next Doctor... also not for the faint of heart... :D

So in closing, I'm more than delighted with the Moffats choice for The Doctor,

bring on the 50th Anniversary special and bring on the regeneration at Christmas. (Oh and I am sad to see Matt going but at least we get him teaming up with Tennant before he bows out.)

and to hell with wanting it to be someone my sister would watch... cause she went out and didn't even watch the live special with us. Nor did she ask who it was when she returned, only asking "CC (for that's what she calls me... doesn't sound much like Rachel, I grant you, but she calls me it anyways) you look happy, you alright?" and when I simply answered "Yes." (because I was still thinking about Peter Capaldi) she told me that I looked like Sheldon.

Hasta Luego