Monday, 5 August 2013

A Movie From Every Year Of My Life - 1991

A Movie From Every Year Of My Life


Terminator 2: Judgement Day 

Frak yeah! One of my all time favourite movies (this and the original... not so bothered about anything after this although I do enjoy the Sarah Connor Chronicles.)

I recently read Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

Other book stores are available, I read it on a Kindle.

It was fascinating to read, well I am an Arnie fan, about the work that simply went into him shooting a gun whilst riding a motorcycle without blinking. "Reps, reps, reps".

(I was disappointed there wasn't more about Batman and Robin and no apology for it.)

All the decisions that went into making Arnie the badass we have come to know and love, especially after he plays the villain in the first movie. The way our expectations are flipped. We have Arnie returning looking more awesome than the first, being pitted against clean cut Robert Patrick as the cop who is there to "protect and serve". 

I gotta admit that when I was a child the chase scene where he runs like a shark and lunges on the back of the speeding car filled with our heroes The Connors and Arnie, seriously used to scare the frak outta me. 

I love the way they make the T-800 look more and more machine like as the movie goes on but his "character" evolves, if only in the eyes of John Connor.

His sacrifice at the end still makes me cry, heck Miles Dyson's sacrifice makes the room a little dusty too. 

I love Sarah Connor too, lets not forget her bad-assery. She's like a feral cat, protecting her offspring for the good of all mankind. Her emotions squashed so she can complete her goal, keep John alive and in that she's made herself into a killing machine. She needs to find her humanity once more after being broken out of the nuthouse.

They took Arnie's obscure name, went against everything people were telling him and used it to their advantage. They took his "otherworldliness", his "foreignness" and built upon it. His physical presence used to its fullest, I mean he certainly wasn't born to be a Shakespearean actor, but the lines he does deliver are instantly memorable, and instant classics.

(And yes someone has came through my work and said to me "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle." and yes I indeed did reply "You forgot to say please.")

 I mean look at the poster, its all him, and all you need... is "Schwarzenegger" across the top. 

He became an icon, a personification of the American Dream. It's pretty good for genre fans that he made some good movies along the way, this being my favourite. (Let's face it he's made some awful movie decisions.)

(Whatever I enjoy 'Jingle All The Way'... it's just so bad!)

The character of the Terminator became a part of popular culture, and its great that the movie itself backs it up, actually deserves it's success. The leaps they took in effects are still fantastic to watch all these years later. Thank you James Cameron, Damn I love this man.

Oh and I've also got one of these... cause I'm a geek, if you haven't noticed yet.

1/2 Scale Plasma Rifle, my own is 212 of the 750 run.

I almost picked 'Fried Green Tomatoes', yeah check out my genre credentials, ohhhh yeah!

No I really do love it, but I love the even more gay book, that clearly has Ninny and Idgie as two separate people... something that got blurred in the movie.

But the better movie, I think we can all agree is T2... but what's your pick of 1991?

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