Friday, 12 April 2013

Under The Morgue

Here's my plea to horror fans of the world over, get involved.

We all like to talk, write, post videos of our opinions but what I've been missing for a long time, long time as in years was a decent forum to discuss horror movies.

And when browsing on IMDB I came across a link to a really new forum, Under The Morgue.

I followed the white rabbit there, and joined and have been addicted for an entire day.

All the members there, which there were only 22 before me are all so friendly, respectful, opinionated and awesome that I'm putting the link out there, to you, whoever is reading this.

Under The Morgue

The board is very much in its infancy, so wanna get in on the ground level, see how the site develops, be part of its development (the banner for instance is just temporary, they are working on original art work) and help make the forum as awesome as it can be cause only we, the members, the horror fans can do it.

I really hope to see horror nuts there. Stop by and say hi, I'm going inevitably by Fake_Shemp there, surprising? No.

Come, join, introduce yourself... I'll be waiting. :)

Hasta Luego