Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Movie From Every Year Of My Life - 1987

A Movie From Every Year Of My Life


I'm shamelessly stealing taking part in what I've seen other movie nuts on the net do, picking their favourite movie from every year of their life.

I was born in Newcastle, Geordieland in 1987 on Halloween, and I think that's where my literal lifelong affinity with Horror stems from, feels like I was born into it.

So that being "said" my first post for A Movie From Every Year Of My Life, and the movie for the glorious year of my birth is going to be obvious...

Evil Dead II

Why Evil Dead 2? 

It's one of my all time favourite movies... again why?

All Deadites must feel the same passion for this movie, and all the Evil Dead movies as I do. 

Sam Raimi takes what is an overused and generally rather bad horror subgenre... the cabin in the woods and spins it into this demonic possession series that rocks.

I figure if you are still reading then you've seen the Evil Dead movies if not...

A group of kids take a vacation at a cabin in the woods. Woods are full of Demons, Candarian Demons if we wanna get a bit more specific. The Demons possess people, Ash must be super strong willed as they only get his hand. Cue hilarious scenes in which Ash is beat the fuck up by his hand... and then cuts it off. Groovy. (Yeah he goes insane after having to kill his demon possessed girlfriend Linda, which is a literal hoot, with the furnishings joining in with his manic laughter)

In this sequel we are introduced to new characters, the daughter of the couple who's cabin it is. She is also of the Indian Jones persuasion and is returning to the cabin in the woods with her boyfriend and their shit load of luggage. So they pay good old reliable Jake and his girlfriend to drive them out into the woods.

I figure at least the boyfriend, Jake and his girlfriend are there to pad out the numbers to which bad shit will happen to. And that's all well and good and gorey.

Back to Ash.

He returns as sole survivor from the first movie, but due to the guys not owning their own footage, they had to reshoot a portion of the first movie, well they didn't have to but back in the days when films like Rocky II or III etc, would open with the last 5 minutes of the previous film as a way of catch-up, VHS I figure was not as big as the home market is now and people may literally have only seen the previous movie once in the cinema before going to see the next sequel. (None of this "having a Saw Marathon" before the next Saw came out like I did in previous years.) So its a convention of the time.

Why do I love Ash?

Oh Ashley Williams you big chinned loveable jackass. He is the right amount of wimp and hero when nobody else will be with awesome one liners. Thats why I love Ash, he's a normal guy with a girls name. Well a gender neutral name, and that fits with the survivor final girl theme of having a gender neutral name. Sure its not applicable in all cases but I do like how it often crops up... Sidney Prescott, Laurie Strode, Taylor Gentry.

The over the top stooge comedy balances the gore, and makes the gore itself laugh out loud funny. Every shot and angle is interesting with the sound mix adding perfectly to the visuals. This is proof that having little money simply spurns on creativity and imagination.

Do you even need me to rate this? It's top dollar! Awesomesauce.

What's your favourite movie from 1987, or the year of your birth?

Hasta Luego