Tuesday, 2 October 2012

2nd October

I got to be honest here, I aint doing so well in the #31NightsOfHorror

Second day in and I'm watching 'Dracula' again, but with a commentary. Yeah geeks like commentaries, and if you think you are a geek and don't listen to commentaries than you aint one... ok that's a lie, but you aint a geek like me.

Geek Like Me.. there must be a song called that somewhere on the TubeofYou right?

I started off todays viewing with 'Road to Dracula' off of the DVD, but if you don't have it, I found it online here. I love behind the scenes, interviews, documentaries on movies. I especially love commentaries and documentaries years and years after a movie has been made, I think more stories and history comes to light in a retrospective. Perhaps time makes the people involved more honest.

And my 3rd film will most likely be another Dracula movie in this DVD set.

As for actually watching a horror on a night in October, tonight aint the night either. I'm at work til Midnight. I'll try and get one in after work but I'm straight back in tomorrow morning and I do need to sleep. Gone are the days of Uni where I whacked out 217 movies in October back in 2008 or 163 in 2009. Damn life getting in the way of movie viewing. *shakes fist*

I would like to get through 100 this year, but I'm most likely gonna watch 50. Lets see how I go...

Hasta Luego
-Fake Shemp-